You don’t need to have school-age kids to feel the excitement of the back-to-school calendar. It’s like a mini New Year’s, offering a chance to hit that reset button and make positive changes!

So, what’s on the agenda for this seasonal reset? Here are some things I often see on the rotation:

Revitalize Healthy Habits:

Bid farewell to summer BBQs and ice cream trucks, and welcome cleaner eating habits. Consider recommitting to a fitness routine that may have been interrupted during the summer months. Embracing an earlier bedtime to rise with the sun is another positive change many people make.

Reignite Business Goals:

Summer fun might be over (except for weekends, of course!), but that means it’s time to get serious about our business goals. Let’s explore exciting new ways to connect and expand our positions and ventures. With the 4th business quarter approaching, it’s crucial to review the current year’s progress and plan for the future.

Refresh Your Style for Fall:

Autumn is the perfect season to show off a fresh look! Ever thought about trying a daring new hair color or finally snagging those snazzy glasses? Preparing for the holidays could mean experimenting with a fresh makeup look and incorporating different colors into your wardrobe.

Life is a constant flow of commit, review, reset, and re-commit, and we get to do it all at least four times a year as the seasons change.

If you’re craving some encouragement or style guidance (or just want to talk about what’s trendy and awesome), let’s connect! I’m here to join you on this adventure of transformation and fun!

In beauty,


Deborah is hosting Coffee & Connections

Deborah D. Fawaz will host Coffee & Connections with our featured presenter, Fern Meyer on Thursday, August 10 from 9 – 10:00 a.m.  

Fern Meyer has been a certified wellness professional and health coach and essential oil expert for over 10 years. Fern uses the holistic approach to wellness, which more recently includes travel as one method of self-care. Fern can individualize all aspects of wellness involving delicious food and essential oils as alternatives for your health, and also take all the stress out of planning your dream vacation or weekend getaway and staying healthy at home or away.

Fern is with YummyLife Essentials and Y Not Travel.  She will share with us about healthy travel and how to enhance your life and business.  “What Does Your YummyLife Look Like?”

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